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How We Do It


At Web Building Corp, our expert strategists craft customized web solutions by integrating essential elements to solve challenges and meet your specific needs.


We conduct thorough research to pinpoint high-demand features and current trends, ensuring optimal performance and superior user engagement.


Web Building Corp is dedicated to optimizing your website for increased conversion rates and enhanced online visibility, driving traffic, and boosting sales effectively.


At Web Building Corp, our primary goal is to deliver measurable results that foster substantial growth and success for your business.

What’s in it for you ?

At Web Building Corp, our goal is to enhance your online presence through the creation of intuitive websites. We specialize in designing and developing user-friendly platforms that captivate and engage visitors, ensuring your products and services are easily accessible and visually compelling.


At Web Building Corp, we excel in comprehensive market research to pinpoint top wholesalers and manufacturers, uncovering high-profit products. Our expertise ensures effective listing and marketing on Amazon, enhancing your sales and maximizing profits on the platform.


Web Building Corp specializes in sourcing products from diverse online retailers for premium resale on Amazon. Our Amazon FBA wholesale strategy focuses on identifying items available at lower prices and leveraging these opportunities to generate substantial profits through Amazon resale.

Brand Exploration

At Web Building Corp, we specialize in thorough brand research, gathering and analyzing data to understand target audiences and their online behaviors. Our approach aims to customize services effectively, selecting optimal design and development strategies to deliver tailored web solutions. Throughout our process, we prioritize collaboration with trusted service providers to ensure unified execution of our development initiatives.

Product Presentation

At Web Building Corp, our Amazon wholesale FBA experts curate flawless product listings. We conduct thorough keyword research, craft compelling product descriptions, and design captivating visuals to ensure your listings shine. Through strategic pricing and enhanced visibility, we aim to elevate your products, driving increased conversions and maximizing your business success.

Efficient Operations

At Web Building Corp, our comprehensive Amazon FBA services guarantee flawless order handling, meticulous inventory management, and accurate documentation, ensuring a seamless end-to-end product delivery experience for your clientele. We prioritize precise storage, tracking, and efficient management of customer inquiries and returns. Our goal is to streamline the Amazon FBA process, allowing you to focus on expanding your business.

Effortless Account Management

At Web Building Corp, we expertly manage all aspects of your Amazon wholesale enterprise. Our team of seasoned e-commerce specialists excels in delivering thorough Amazon FBA automation services, from product sourcing to store operations oversight. With precision and efficiency, we ensure seamless account management from start to finish. As your sales soar and customer traffic increases, we maintain peak performance, maximizing profit margins effortlessly at every opportunity.

Packages We Have

At Web Building Corp, we specialize in crafting custom, budget-friendly packages designed specifically to optimize your online business operations. We aim to help you maximize sales, drive substantial customer traffic, and enhance profitability through effective wholesale strategies, particularly on platforms such as Amazon.

Business Setup

  • Company Registration
  • Reseller Certificate
  • Amazon Account Setup

Digital Presence

  • Domain
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Email Setup

Business Execution

  • Supplier Acquisition
  • Brand Approval
  • Gated / Un-Gated Check
  • Product Analysis
  • ROI Estimation
  • Order Placement
  • Prep Services Coordination
  • Inventory Management
  • Amazon Account Management

Profit Split: 60/40


Billed Annually

Profit Split: 80/20


Billed Annually

Profit 100%


Billed Annually

Above package does not include Amazon Fee, Marketing Budget, Legal & Registration,
Inventory Cost, Shipping, Campaign Budget and Shopify Account.

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We are committed to delivering unparalleled services, boasting the support of our exceptional web and website development team. Our ultimate goal is to offer comprehensive software development solutions, empowering you to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of automation and technology.

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